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Class of 2023 Graduation Plans Part Three

Marvel Abdelmalak - After graduation, Marvel plans on going to Cumberland University to get her bachelor degree, then going to dental...

Class of 2023 Graduation Plans Part Two

Ali Cole - After graduation, Ali plans on attending Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN. Here, she will be playing soccer and studying...

Best Things to do This Summer

Ideas of fun, family-friendly summer activities.

MJHS Powder Puff Game

Review and overview of the 1st annual MJHS Powder Puff game.

"Sister Act - The Musical" Review

Review of the MJ Golden Bear Theatre's production of "Sister Act - The Musical"

MJHS Annual FFA Plant Sale

Description and story behind the MJ annual FFA plant sale.

Your Guide To Finals

A rundown on information about first-semester final exams.

Fun Books to Read When You're Bored

Now that school is back in session, it is important to spend your time wisely. Of course one of the most popular ways to spend your time...

Jane Austen: A Regency Feminist

Most people don’t usually think of Jane Austen as a feminist, but that is exactly what this regency author was. Born on December 16,...

“Among Us”: Why So Popular?

Innersloth’s Game “Among Us” Gains Popularity After Two Years in the Dark. Why? Have you ever wondered what caused Innersloth’s 2018 game...

My Senior Trip to Universal

I am going to ask in advance that you do not judge me. This was the most fun I have ever had on a trip and I am still thankful for the...

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Seniors, Please follow the link to fill out the questionnaire for a chance to be in a special seniors only edition of The Golden Bear Gazette!

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