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MJHS Defeats Their Cross-Town Rivals, Green Hill, 26-19, and Gain #1 Seed in Regional Playoffs

The Bears go for 2 after Morton's blocked kick and 70 yard touchdown.

On October 28, the Mount Juliet High School Bears went up against their cross-town rivals, the Green Hill High School Hawks.

The Bears received the ball to start the game, and the Rackley Roofing Scholar Athlete of the Week, number 6, Osize Daniyan, ran 94 yards off the kickoff into the endzone for the touchdown. Number 98, Daniel Eccheverria's kick for the extra point was good, putting the Bears up 7-0 at 11:43 in the first quarter.

The Hawks had two strong plays to open their drive, but failed to make the final first down to score, and were forced to attempt a field goal. The kick was good, and the Bears still lead, 7-3, with 9:24 left in the first quarter.

The Bears' offense was forced into a quick three-and-out due to two incomplete passes.

The Hawks had a drive that lasted 19 plays, 4 of which resulted in negative yards, and 6 resulted in first downs, before the Bears' defense stopped the Hawks at the 15-yard line, and forced a field goal. The kick was good, but the Bears were still on top 7-6 at 9:38 in the first quarter.

The Bears started their drive from the 34-yard line. Numbers 7 and 24, Dearrius Morton and Jon'mikael Crudup both had positive yards, but penalties and another incomplete pass forced the Bears to punt. Number 3, Tyler Travers, on 3 pass attempts, all to different targets, had no completions at this point.

The Hawks started from their 25. After a massive pass gain, the Hawks ran the final 22 yards over 3 plays, and scored their first touchdown of the game. After the failed 2-point conversion, the Hawks had a 12-7 lead, with 7:34 left in the second quarter.

The Bears started on the 36. Crudup ran the ball down to the Hawks' 37 over 4 plays, and Morton brought the ball down to the 19-yard line. The ball was punched out, and Green Hill gained possession on the 16-yard line. This detrimental mistake was almost immediately rectified by an excellent interception by Morton on the 40-yard line.

After rushes by Morton and Daniyan, Crudup ran the final 10 yards to score the touchdown, putting the Bears back on top. The 2-point conversion was no good due to another incomplete pass by Travers, this time to Crudup, and the Bears had the lead at 13-12 with 2:11 in the second quarter.

The Bears' defense forced a quick three and out on the Hawks, who punted, and the Bears gained possession on the 13-yard line. After a rush by Crudup and a major penalty, the Bears were on the 38-yard line. Travers' first completion of the game was almost intercepted, however, the defensive man on Crudup couldn't hold on to the ball, making way for a 41-yard pass gain, putting the Bears on the 21. Travers was sacked, putting the Bears at the 30. Travers' pass was incomplete to number 13, Baylor Osborne, and the final score at the half was 13-12 Bears.

At the half, Green Hill led with 49 more rush yards and 34 more pass yards.

The Hawks started the half from the 20-yard line. After running down the field, Daniyan forced the ball loose on the tackle, which was picked up by number 30, Deon Waller, on the 20, but a sideline penalty was called on the Hawks, which was followed by a dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct on the sideline, putting the Bears on the 40.

This drive was dominated by rush plays but also brought about Travers' second complete pass, this time to Daniyan, which caused a third down conversion in the red zone.

Morton's next rush looked like it would be for a loss of yards, but he escaped the pack, gaining a few yards. However, a holding penalty negated his display of athletic ability, and put the Bears at first and 20 on the 23. Following this, 3 more penalties were called, along with 2 more complete passes and a rush, however, the Bears could not convert to the first down, and Eccheverria's kick was no good, just missing the left goalpost.

The Bears' defense forced a quick three-and-out, and reclaimed possession on the 16-yard line, however, the offense was also forced to a three-and-out, the first two, including a sack, coming to end the third quarter.

The Hawks had a 10-yard punt return and started their drive on the 30. After a 13-yard QB rush, the Hawks were stopped short of the next first down and set up for a field goal. Daniyan and Morton both got around the right side of the line. Morton blocked the kick, picked the ball up at the 30-yard line and ran downfield 70 yards for the touchdown. Crudup was stopped on the 2-point conversion, however, the Bears furthered their lead to 19-12 with 8:27 left in the fourth.

After a sideline interference on Morton's touchdown, the Bears kicked off from the Hawks 45, who started on the 20-yard line after the touchback. Number 10, Sam Oliver, almost had a sack, but instead forced the ball out, where it was subsequently picked up by number 45, William Czerniak, at the 14-yard line.

Morton received 3 direct snaps and ran the ball into the endzone for a touchdown. Eccheverria's kick was good, and the Bears led 26-12 at 6:51 in the fourth quarter.

Green Hill started their drive on the 26 and had a 59-yard pass play to open up.

The Hawks then slowly made their way through the last 19 yards for a touchdown, and successfully kicked the extra point. The Bears still led, 26-19, at 3:29 in the fourth quarter.

After starting on the 32-yard line, Crudup made 5 rush plays for 46 yards, Travers made a 7-yard rush and the Bears were at the 20-yard line. With just over a minute remaining in the game, Travers took 2 consecutive knees to run the clock out, and the Bears took the number 1 seed in the region, winning 26-19.

MJ will host Lincoln County on Friday, November 4, 2022.

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