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“Among Us”: Why So Popular?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Innersloth’s Game “Among Us” Gains Popularity After Two Years in the Dark. Why?

Have you ever wondered what caused Innersloth’s 2018 game “Among Us” to receive so much attention after two years in the dark?

“Among Us” is a game that’s been out for two years that suddenly turned into a game that everyone started playing seemingly overnight.

Streamers on Twitch like Ninja started playing it and everyone became hooked. And what’s better is that it started gaining its popularity during quarantine when everyone is bored and stuck in their house. The game gives them a chance to interact with one another without risking each other’s health.

“Among Us” is very easy to play if you have any experience with video games in the past. You’re given between one and 10 tasks with one to three impostors depending on the settings of the game. The game itself has between four and 10 players, depending on how many people joined. The impostor’s goal is to eliminate all the crewmates. They do this by going around pretending to be crewmates and pretending to do tasks.

After a crewmate is killed and the body is found, everyone will call a meeting to discuss it. The impostor must lie themselves out of the situation. If they succeed, they can continue to play and kill other crewmates. It continues until the impostor kills all the crewmates. The impostor then will win. If the impostor gets caught, however, the impostor will get ejected from the spaceship. If all the impostors get ejected, the crewmates win.

What makes “Among Us” so fun anyway? You just do the same thing over and over again. Well, this is mostly because of the impostor and their manipulation. It makes you think and wonder why the stories don’t all add up. You have to think a lot more about everyone and figure out who’s lying, and in most games, there’s two impostors. So you have to figure out who’s helping the other impostor. With friends, it would be a lot easier to trick them because you trust them more than just strangers.

Another reason why the game is so popular is that it’s free to play for most people. If you have a phone or a tablet, you can play it for free. The PC version does cost money, but it also gives you extra skins and pets that you couldn’t get for free. People usually will get a game more often if it’s free.

“Among Us” blew up very quickly and is still rapidly growing. Most people enjoy this game because of the simplicity of the game. It’s very easy to play, which is good for pulling new players into the game.

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