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Why Should You Join ROTC

Updated: Feb 7

Why should you join ROTC?

Because there is no better way to learn discipline and leadership and develop a sense of pride in uniform.

The MJHS MC JROTC program offers three different teams over its main activities: Drill Team, PT Team, and Rifle Team. You can join the Drill and PT Team whenever but you must be invited to the Rifle Team.


The drill is like marching and the kind of stuff you'd see at the Homecoming Parade. Cadet Staff Sergeant Aaron Adams leads the unarmed team. Cadet Second Lieutenant Brianna Alderson leads the armed team. They meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday before school. They will be performing at the Birthday Ball. There are also the American Legion cadets who perform at The Assigned American Legion Post, which is led by Cadet Second Lieutenant Brianna Alderson. You will be issued a different uniform along with the Given Cammis if you are on the Drill Team. The Drill Team is the recommended team for 1st year, to see how many other movements are done. It also helps boost the morale of the cadets who usually join 1st year.


PT stands for Physical Training, which is working out and having fun. It's not all working out, they also play Combat Frisbee. Combat Frisbee is like Soccer, but instead of kicking a soccer ball, you are throwing a Frisbee. There are many PT captains. Meeting dates are Every Monday and Wednesday after school.


To be on the rifle team, Major Initlli must invite you. Invitations are based on marksmanship, and it must be your second year in ROTC. The Rifle Team includes Frankie Correa, James and John Courtney, and many more cadets. You cannot be on the rifle team and the Drill Team at the same time. You can be on the Rifle and PT or Drill and PT team.

Another reason I recommend joining ROTC is because it helps you get volunteer hours. When we went to clean up Long Hunter State Park, we got Volunteer hours. We also get to go on a hike every year on 9/11, to learn more about it and to show our respect to the brave people who lost their lives on 9/11. We hike 5 miles and return to the school.

Some things you should learn from the program include discipline:

  • Self-Respect

  • Personal Pride

  • Leadership

  • Time Management

  • Many other useful life skills

On November 11, it will be 248 years since the Marine Corps was formed. People usually assume they sign you up for the military as soon as you can only join if you are planning to be in the military after high school, but that isn't true. Enlisting after your years in JROTC is completely optional.

Overall, it's a fun class, you meet new people, establish new skills, and have a great time.

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(Haircuts will be required though.)

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