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“Where the Crawdads Sing” - A Novelty Review


A story about the beauty of wilderness and a girl who’s just as wild at heart, written by Delia Owens.

This telling of a poverty-stricken girl deep within the marshes of North Carolina and her struggle to survive is reeling to any reader.

Readers follow young Catherine "Kya" Clark and her journey into adulthood. Kya’s beginnings are unlike most as she’s forced to learn how to fend for herself and battle with the feelings attached to abandonment. However, Kya comes to find that her battle will not be fought alone.

As the strong-willed girl embarks on her coming-of-age journey she finds friends and loves in the unlikeliest of places; her dearest one is the marsh and all it has to offer. She and the commonly considered, unruly land have a bond like no other. Just as Kya’s knowledge of the marsh is.

However, as peaceful and beautiful as the marsh is, this story is anything but. While Kya’s journey of self-discovery takes place, a second story is told alongside her. And this story is that of a mysterious murder just waiting to be solved.

The novel’s twists and turns are a perfect match for the waters following through the exact marsh it depicts. A marsh holding secrets for the reader to explore and discover.

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