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"The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" - Novel Review

A force of a woman written by author Taylor Jenkins Reid.

A woman who took Hollywood and love by storm, the story follows Evelyn’s poverty-stricken beginnings to her eye-catching life as a star.

This exciting novel follows Cuban-American woman Evelyn Hugo. Hugo clawed her way out of the penniless life she was born into and was a woman who was determined to become a star that overtook Hollywood with grace and glamor. Her dreams of being one of the renowned actresses of her time were not succeeded but were surpassed.

Though her journey was far from smooth, Hugo was faced with many daring challenges and was forced to sometimes use marriage as a way to surpass them (hence her surplus of husbands). She does this all while trying to hold onto her fame and the love of her life, who changes her into the most elegant yet powerful version of herself.

Hugo’s story is a prime showcase of the female will fight. It not only shows the struggles of the average woman but also those of female celebrities in a time when everything but their beauty was overlooked. A key struggle that she uses to her advantage.

The novel is a powerhouse for all women to see just how valuable their power is. A rollercoaster of a story, it’s one ride you won’t want to get off of.

Other readers of the novel have the same feelings:

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a shocking and capturing book. I recall reading it for the first time and just gasping about every chapter. I love the ending, but you’ll never see it coming!” - Abbie Scoby

“I love the author so much and her work always amazes me. Seven Husbands is overall an incredible story and had me crying more than once.” - Wren Linde

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