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MJHS Powder Puff Game

The Mt. Juliet High School dance team along with the Mt. Juliet baseball team recently put on the first annual powder puff game.

The flag football players were juniors and seniors on the Mt. Juliet dance team. The game divided the juniors and seniors being coached by Mt. Juliet football players and a senior spirit leader. The baseball team replaced the dance team and put on quite a show under the direction of an MJHS dancer. Even the referees were dressed in pink tutus. The refs were MJHS football players: Mark Shenouda, Sam Oliver and Eyob Gizaw, as well as Mr. Mayo who served as head ref.

The game was quite entertaining and enjoyable. The girls put on an amusing game and the cheers and dances from the boys were absolutely hilarious.

The game ended with the seniors victorious 26 to 14, however, the juniors put up a hard fight. The juniors wore white and were coached by junior football players, while the seniors in hot pink were coached by senior football players and a senior spirit leader. The players really got into the game and had an awesome time during the friendly competition. The seniors played their hardest and it paid off with their victory.

Tania Woods was asked what the team did to prepare, she replied “We tried to plan a practice but we weren’t able to all get to practice. Our plan was to show up and win and that is exactly what we did.”

One of the best things about powder puff is watching the players enjoy themselves. The teams had a lot of fun.

When asked what her favorite part of the experience was, Woods replied “My favorite part was after every touchdown we made we heard our crowd cheer, and I also liked seeing how happy my team was.”
TOUCHDOWN FOR THE PINK The Dance Daddies symbol that a touchdown was made by the seniors while on the sidelines of the game. Photography by Maddy Verst.

The “Dance Daddies,” as the baseball team called themselves, were one of the funniest parts of the game. They had two main dances that they performed after each touchdown and during time-outs. They performed with great enthusiasm but not so much grace. This bit made it all the funnier. The Dance Daddies also performed a halftime show that consisted of a large amount of tumbling and tricks. The boys seemed to really enjoy themselves.

When asked about his performance, Luke McQueary said,¨We just went out there and made it a good time and we all enjoyed it."

The Dance Daddies did their best to entertain the crowd and they did it successfully. The crowd loved their performance and cheered them on constantly.

Easton Krenzke was asked his favorite part of the experience and he said “It was a lot of fun!”

The boys put on an exciting performance and kept the crowd entertained the whole time while also making great memories that are sure to last.

DO MY LITTLE DANCEY DANCE Mr. Mayo dances in his pink tutu on the sidelines of the game during a time-out. Photography by Maddy Verst.

The referees even had something interesting going on. The refs were all dressed in pink tutus, and Eyob Gizaw even tied his shirt up to make it a crop top. The refs were really entertaining to watch because they seemed to be having so much fun.

When asked about the game Mr. Mayo said “It was the perfect excuse to wear a pink tutu.” It really was the perfect excuse because it was hilarious.

The Powder Puff game was a great event to attend. It was fun, engaging and hilarious. From the boys dancing to the girls playing it was a good time all around. I would happily attend next year and would encourage you to do the same.

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