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"Sister Act - The Musical" Review

This year, Mt. Juliet High School’s Golden Bear Theatre put on the musical Sister Act.

The musical is about Deloris Van Cartier (played by Tania Woods) who has to go into hiding in a convent. While she is in hiding, Cartier helps her fellow sisters find their voice. As she does this she ends up rediscovering her own place and voice.

This musical was fun, heartwarming and exciting. I have seen many of the productions that our theater department has put on over the past years and this might just be my favorite. Tania Woods is incredibly talented and played her character so well.

When I asked her about how the show was for her she said, “Sister Act was a new experience for me and it was definitely rough and a stretch, but ultimately it pushed me and helped me grow to new levels.”

The whole cast also brought great energy to the show and gave the whole crowd a good feeling. The cast of Sister Act had been rehearsing since early in the year and the production was put on March 30 through April 2.

I saw the show twice: once on the Friday and another on a Saturday performance To no surprise, it got even better the second time.

My favorite part of Sister Act was probably the music, which was fun and a bit jazzy, as well as the characters in it. Each of the characters had different personalities, and it was fun seeing all of the cast act them out in different ways.

I would also love to give a shout-out to the wonderful crew that put on this show. The sets were intriguing and the lighting was super cool.

Overall, I loved that Sister Act went to different levels with creativity. It greatly entertained and amazed me.

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