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Your Guide To Finals

As the semester comes to a close, thus begins everybody's favorite time of year: testing. The final weeks are very busy and sometimes stressful, but here's all the information you'll need to know that will answer any lingering questions for students in EOC classes.

Test Dates and Classes

  • On Monday, December 19 there will be 1st and 2nd block exams.

  • On Tuesday, December 20 there will be 3rd and 5th block exams.

  • Focus classes will not have a final exam.

Parent Notes

  • If you do not have to take a final exam (an option for juniors and seniors only based on attendance and grades) you must submit a parent note.

  • If you have to take a second block but not a first block exam (or vice versa), you must submit a parent note to come in late or leave early.

  • If you have to come in for an exam on Monday but not Tuesday (or vice versa), you must submit a parent note for the whole of the day.

  • If you want to leave early after exams, you must submit a parent note.


  • Only juniors and seniors have the possibility of being exempt.

  • Exam exemption is calculated on a block-by-block basis and is based on attendance and grades.

A = Three or fewer unexcused absences

B = Two or fewer unexcused absences

C = One or fewer unexcused absence

  • Doctor notes are not limited

  • Parent notes are limited to no more than five. (A 6th parent note will count as an unexcused absence.)

  • Any suspensions prohibit juniors and seniors from being exempt; suspensions require juniors and seniors to take their finals.

Early Testing and Make-Ups

  • No students are permitted to take exams early.

  • For inquiring students/parents: board policy prohibits early exams.

  • For students with legitimate conflicts: make-up exams will be the first week we are back from winter break.

Calculating Your Scores

  • Final exams are 15% of the final grade in your classes.

  • If you are exempt from the exam, your grade in the class will be 100% made up of your grade from RC1 and RC2.

  • To calculate your final grade (for those taking the exam), you multiply your class grade by 85%. You then multiply your score on the final by 15%.

Example: If your score in the class is a 95% and you score an 82% on the final,

the final grade would be calculated as such:

.95 x .85 = 81%

.82 x .15 = 12%

81% + 12% = 93%

*This example would lower the score in the class by two points.

  • Depending on your grade in the class and your score on the final, the final exam can either hurt or help your total average for the class.

  • Use the math above and replace the .95 for your final average and the .82 for what you want to/need to at least make on your final exam to see what your score will be.

  • Do not forget to add 3 points for honors classes and 5 points for AP classes once you have calculated your score after your final exam grade!

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Joshua Bays
Joshua Bays
07 déc. 2022

If you look on Skyward, exams are 10% of the final grade.

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