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Your Wednesday Briefing

Good morning!

The Golden Bear Gazette hopes you have a great Wednesday!

Today will be a Fast Track day for B-Day students. This was a last-minute announcement after Tuesday's school day.

Here is the news to keep you in-the-know. Today's two large stories:

1. The competition for the most thankful.

2. Your latest WCS COVID-19 numbers.


1. Who will prove themselves to be the most thankful?

Student Council has led the annual door decorating contest in the past with a football homecoming theme and each class's subject matter represented. This year they used flexibility to their advantage to create a positive twist on the old tradition.

Student Council's annual door decorating contest this year has a new theme: thankfulness.

"It is important to focus on the things we sometimes take for granted," Mr. Stricklin told The Golden Bear Gazette. He went on to describe that this year of all years, our student leaders wanted to emphasize what matters most in our trying times.

Each ninth block is encouraged to participate by displaying what they are most thankful for in the most creative and original manner.

Judges are looking for doors that not only display Thanksgiving holiday vibes but also have genuinely thankful and appreciative messages. Judging will take place Thursday afternoon after school.


2. Your latest COVID-19 numbers

The following information shows the increase in Wilson County School COVID-19 cases and exposure quarantines.

Wilson County Schools updated their data late Monday to include the week of Nov. 7 through Nov. 13.

Date New Student Cases New Students Quarantined

10/3-9 4 42

10/10-16 31 46

10/17-23 31 181

10/24-30 29 225

10/31-11/6 39 206

11/7-13 45 207

Date New Staff Cases New Staff Quarantined

10/3-9 4 2

10/10-16 11 6

10/17-23 11 15

10/24-30 9 21

10/31-11/6 11 11

11/7-13 17 17

Currently, WCS only counts three positive student cases and one positive staff case at MJHS for the week of Nov. 7 through Nov. 13.

Green Hill High School currently has three positive student cases and four positive staff cases for Nov. 7 through Nov. 13.


In Other News...

  • Bear Bowling beat Portland 20.5 - 5.5 on Nov 12.

  • Green Hill High School has been transferred to a remote schedule starting this week.

  • Yearbook Senior Ads are now late but will still be accepted until Dec. 1 with a $40 late fee.

  • Ninth block Thanksgiving door decorating is underway in preparation for the StuCo judging Thursday afternoon after school. Doors have to represent what that class is thankful for in an appealing, creative way.

  • The Track team will have an interest meeting at 8:15 a.m. on Nov. 19 in the cafeteria with information on the upcoming season.

  • FFA's canned food drive will end this Friday, Nov. 20.

  • TE21 testing for underclassmen will end Nov. 20.

  • Yearbook prices increase Nov. 20! Order yours here!


That's all for the briefing! Don't miss today's WBNN news coverage!

Be sure to submit any news suggestions in our news suggestion box located in the commons!

Have a Beary great day!

— The Golden Bear Gazette Staff

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