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Wilson County Schools Closed for COVID-19

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Wilson County Schools has just announced that the entire district will be closed starting Friday, Nov. 20. Students will not report to school or have to attend any Google Meets.

"The reason for this closure to students is our projected inability to sufficiently staff schools due to impacts of recent COVID-19 related illnesses and quarantines," Bart Barker, the Public Information Officer of Wilson County Schools, reported in an email to all Wilson County Schools' families.

Teachers will still report to school this Friday, which will be treated as a stockpile day in the district's calendar. The county's KIDS club and TLC programs will continue to operate as well.

Next week is WCS's Thanksgiving Break, which would also allow more time for students and faculty to recover, quarantine, and reduce COVID-19 risk.

The district did not mention the possibility of a remote schedule for any schools currently on the hybrid or traditional schedules.

Updates will be posted as this story develops.

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