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We’re covering the MCJROTC color guard, the Titans football player that subs at high schools, and a throwback to an old trend of photographing the dead.

MCJROTC's color guard


You'll see their perseverance and bravery in their physical training and their drill, but these qualities of a cadet do not stop when leaving MJHS or removing their uniform.

Mount Juliet's MCJROTC's color guard went into the community Thursday night to present our nation's colors and pledge at the Mt. Juliet Cecilia Bradford Carrol Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Every year the local DAR chapter dines together at their George Washington Dinner, celebrating their heritage and our nation's history and freedoms.

The DAR was founded on October 11, 1890. According to DAR, "The objectives laid forth in the first meeting of the DAR have remained the same in 125 years of active service to the nation." Those objectives are historical, educational and patriotic.

Photo Taken by NewsChannel5 Nashville

Advice From a Substitute.. that is also a Tennessee Titan

In the words of reporter Alexandra Koehn, "He's not your typical substitute teacher."

Josh Smith, a recent signer with the Tennessee Titans, substitute teaches in the off-season.

When Koehn from NewsChannel5 spoke with him about why, Smith said, "It gives me the opportunity to share my story, inspire them, kind of keep the needle moving forward."

Attending Oakland High School in Murfreesboro, he joined the football team and later joined Vanderbilt Commodores as linebacker.

Smith begins practice with the team in April, where he will put into practice his hard-won advice to the students he meets in the off-season. "Oftentimes you'll give [students] a quiz or some homework," Smith told Koehn, "and they'll be trying to look off at somebody else's, and I'll slide my way in and be like: 'So, you guys are just going to do it this way? You're making one person work , and everybody else is riding their back. And that's not really how it's going to work when you get out of high school, and you're building habits that won't lead forward to success.'"

iPhones Revive Old Tradition of Photographing the Dead

The New York Times recently reported that new habits are colliding with very old ones as many people begin to photograph their dead loved-ones.

"Photographs seal the emotion," Ms. Amy Cunningham, 64-year-old Brooklyn "green" burial advocate and funeral director, told The New York Times. "And with cellular phones ever-present, we're going to be recording all kinds of things we never did previously. Death is just one of them. Though when you're Facebook posting and the images are wedged between the latest Trump atrocity and cats who look like Hitler, it can be jarring."

The old tradition stemmed from an infatuation with death but also the pure emotion involved with the mourning of a loved-one. Robert Hirsche points out in his book Seizing the Light: a Social History of Photography, "many [. . .] post-mortem portraits, especially those of infants and young children, were probably the only photographs ever made of [them]."

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