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Taylor Swift Enters A New Era of Songwriting With New Album, "Midnights"

Taylor Swift has made history once again with her newest album released on October 21st, Midnights. The award-winning songwriter and performer managed to take the spot of Spotify's most streamed artist just one day after the release of this new album.

The announcement of the album was made during her VMA win for "All Too Well." While some fans were expecting a rerecording of one of her other albums that night, the singer instead surprised us all with a reveal of her newest studio album.

Fans noticed how the tracklist was to contain 13 songs, Swift's lucky number, and the release date (Oct. 21) could be added to 13 as well (10 + 2 +1). Midnights was thought to be a sister album to Lover since Swift had admitted to playing around with naming it Daylight before she had decided on the name.

She described the album as "a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams." Swift revealed the track names on TikTok in her series "Midnights Mayhem."

Then, on October 20, Swifties tuned into the third quarter of Thursday Night Football for a teaser of the Midnights music videos.

The album has already garnered much success in its short time of being out. It is already the top-selling album of the year, the third-largest streaming week ever for any album and the biggest sales week for a vinyl album in this day and age. With so much recognition in such a short time, it is safe to say fans are eagerly waiting for what is to come in Swift's newest era.

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