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Progress is being seen two years after the Mt. Juliet tornado

Thursday Mar. 3 marked the two-year anniversary of the infamous Mt. Juliet tornado. The tornado that destroyed homes and schools as well as kill twenty-five people; three of which lived in Mt.Juliet. Thankfully, progress is being made in the Mt. Juliet community and citizens are reflecting and honoring everything and everyone that was lost.

The city plans to lay a wreath in the front of the blue truck on N. Mt. Juliet road that replaced the former truck which was destroyed in the tornado. Along with this, the clock tower located in the city center will always serve as a remembrance to everything lost in the tornado and how far the community has come.

Students currently at West Wilson Middle School and Stoner Creek Elementary School as well as graduates will be happy to know that both schools are on track to reopen very soon! If COVID precautions and budgets clear up soon, Stoner Creek is scheduled to open as soon as September. West Wilson is steadily being rebuilt and is estimated to reopen within a year or two. New complex designs are expected to be approved by the school board this month.

The tornado was a very hard period for Mt.Juliet. Students lost their schools, people lost their homes and lives were lost. The community has been coming together for the past two years and progress is being made! Hopefully this progress will continue and Mt. Juliet will be able to return to its pre-tornado glory.

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