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Mount Juliet High School Beats Hillsboro High School 53-24

On October 21, almost exactly a year after their previous meetup, the MJHS Bears went up against the HHS Burros in Hillsboro. The Bears started out with the ball on the 20-yard line. The Burros defense forced a quick punt and gained possession of the ball on their own 45-yard line.

The Burros quickly made their way downfield and scored a touchdown. Number 8, Walter Bowers blocked the extra point attempt, and the Burros had a 6-point lead over MJ in the first quarter.

The Bears started their possession from their own 40-yard line. The Burros forced another quick punt but dropped the ball, which was picked up by number 31, Atticus Fiorita, at the 10-yard line. Number 24, Jon'Mikael Crudup, ran for 7 yards to set up a 3-yard quarterback rush by number 3, Tyler Travers for the touchdown. Number 98, Daniel Eccheverria's extra point attempt was good, and the Bears had a one-point lead with 7:03 left in the first quarter.

After a penalty and an incomplete pass, the Hillsboro quarterback was ejected from the game after taking a swing at number 6, Osize Daniyan on third down. After the fourth down, the Bears gained possession of the ball on the Hillsboro 28-yard line. Travers threw a 26-yard pass to Daniyan for the touchdown. The Bears set up for the extra point attempt, but ran it in for 2, putting the Bears ahead 15-6.

The Burros started on the 20-yard line, and after 4 plays, the Burros had a net loss of 7 yards, and the Bears got the ball on the Hillsboro 45.

After a pass to number 5, Keion Irby, brought the Bears to the Hillsboro 39-yard line, and number 7, Dearrius Morton, made two rush plays to bring the endzone. The extra point was good, and the Bears were ahead 22-6 with 58 seconds left in the quarter.

The Burros made their way downfield to finish off the quarter at the 1-yard line. The Burros ran the final yard for the touchdown, but were unable to successfully make the 2 point conversion, making the score 22-12 at 11:20 in the second quarter.

After a combination of rush plays by Morton and passes to Daniyan and Irby, the Bears were on the 12-yard line. Crudup made the final yards into the endzone, and after a successful kick by Echeverria, the Bears were ahead 29-12, with 8:52 left in the second quarter.

The Bears' defense made quick work of the Burros offense. After two rush plays, the Hillsboro quarterback's pass was intercepted by number 45, William Czerniak, who ran 40 yards into the endzone for a touchdown. Ecceveria made another successful kick, putting the Bears even further ahead at 36-12 with 7:30 left in the half.

The Burros ran down the field, scoring quickly, yet had another unsuccessful 2-point conversion, putting the score at 36-18 with 5:48 left in the half.

The Bears fumbled the ball, leaving the Burros a wide, open path to the endzone on their drive, but were again unsuccessful in their 2-point conversion, which was this time a pass blocked by number 14, Cayson Walz. 36-24 Bears at 2:00 in the half.

MJ tried to make their way into the endzone but were unable to reach it due to penalties, incomplete passes and no-gain plays. However, the Bears were in a good position for a field goal, which was made by Ecchverria, making the score 39-24 at 0:10 in the half.

Hillsboro started on their 35-yard line. The Burros only made it to their own 47 and were forced to punt.

The Bears started from their own 20-yard line, and Crudup ran downfield over 6 plays, putting the Bears at the Burros' 11-yard line. They were unable to make the fourth down conversion, and the Burros took over on downs.

The Burros QB was pushed back onto the goalline, but no safety was called, The Burros were unable to make a first down on this drive. The Bears also had a quick three-and-out.

Hillsboro had possession of the ball for the rest of the quarter. They made their way down to the 15-yard line, and on the next play, Daniyan stripped and recovered the ball on the 15.

The Bears made 5 rush plays but were eventually forced to punt. The Burros gained possession on their own 5, following a 63-yard punt by number 15, Mark Shenouda. Daniyan, again, stripped and recovered the ball on the 5-yard line, which was subsequently run in by Morton. Ecceverria's kick was good, and the Bears were ahead 46-24 with 6:50 in the game.

After a quick three and out, the Bears gained possession of the ball on the Hillsboro side of the field from downs. Irby ran the ball in for the touchdown, Ecceverria's kick was good, and the Bears led the game 53-24, with 4:13 left in the game.

The Burros had the ball for the rest of the game but were unable to score, giving the Bears their 7th win.

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