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MJHS Soccer ties with LaVergne

Both the JV and Varsity soccer teams here at MJHS played against the LaVergne Wolverines on April 20. The JV team played against a strong defense and an offensive lineup that kept control of the ball for the majority of the game, with LaVergne scoring in the first ten minutes of the first half, and MJ not getting the game tied until the last five minutes of the game. The varsity team had to deal with bad calls going both ways, and a team that communicated with each other, leading to another tie. Mj took the early lead, scoring before three minutes had elapsed, and kept the ball in a good position, but the Wolverines scored with around 17 minutes left in the first half. The second half was where both teams really got going. Both teams racked up over 15 shots on goal each, giving the goalkeeper a hard time. The fans were loud, both to support their team and to disparage the other. The officials seemingly responded to this with calls getting worse and worse, but evenly distributed, giving both teams about four penalty shots each. The Bears played hard, despite the hindrance, scoring in the last 10 minutes, but the Wolverines responded with a tying shot in the last minutes of the game. The Bears now have a record 0f two wins, nine ties, and two losses.



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