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Interview with RB/LB Jon'Mikael Crudep

Immediately following the end of the MJHS-HLHS game, with a 42-0 victory for the Bears, Sam Fuller spoke with MJ RB/LB Jon'Mikael Crudep about the game and the season thus far.

Sam Fuller: So, you made two touchdowns and got well over 50 yards in rushing, How does it feel?

Jon'Mikael Crudep: Well. It feels great to have over, how much?

F: Over 50 yards, with your first play getting 20 yards.

C: Man, feels good. Two touchdowns as a sophomore.

F: How many touchdowns have you gotten so far this year?

C: This year? I got two the first game against Gallatin.

F: That was a rough game for you guys, how did feel?

C: You know, it felt bad, Coach T. gave us that talk, we bounce back.

F: Then last year, do you know how many touchdowns you got then?

C: Like, twelve, on the freshman team, not varsity, twelve for the freshman team. And four on varsity.

F: You want to try to beat that record this year?

C: Oh yeah, I'm beatin it, yessir.

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