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Interview with Kicker Daniel Echeverria After the White Co Game

# 98, sophomore Daniel Echeverria, a kicker on the MJHS Varsity Football team, scored the field goal in the final seconds of the White County game.

He was extremely elated, as well as the rest of the team, and had lots of support from his team, including Carson Slocum, and Brooklyn Nguyen. The latter of which stated that he had no doubt in Daniel.

Daniel was extremely humble, saying how, we (the team) all won the game, how it wasn't just him. He said, "We all played until the whistle and I just topped it off." He enjoys football, and would like to continue that in his future, but if it doesn't, he understands its for a reason.

Daniel also plays as punter, but that position is usually filled in by Senior Mark Shenouda. Daniel made every extra point attempt of the game, and kicked the ball of to start off the opposing drives, placing it behind White County's 30 yard line before returns almost every time.

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