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MJHS Varsity Football loses 27-18 to Gallatin

The Bears started the game with the ball, and after two first downs, Jon’Mikael Crudup, #57, ran 57 yards for a touchdown, avoiding three tackle attempts.

Mark Shenouda missed the extra point, putting the Bears at an early 6-0 lead over the Green Wave.

Gallatin started on their own 26-yard line, and after a few plays, the MJ defense forced a fumble, and recovered the ball, giving the offense good field position, and another chance to score and widen the lead. Starting from the opposing 43-yard line, the Bears made it to the 16-yard line with the help of defensive penalties and rushing but were stopped and forced to make a field goal attempt. The kick was missed, and the game remained 6-0 Bears.

Gallatin started from their own 20 and made it down the field completely with rushing plays. They scored a touchdown and made the extra point, making the score 7-6 Gallatin.

After starting on their own 29, the MJ Bears made nine plays to finish off the quarter, then made six more, with the final being a scoring field goal attempt, giving the Bears a 9-7 lead.

Gallatin started their possession at their own 20 and ran 80 yards unopposed for the touchdown. The score was 14-9.

MJ started from their own 35, and QB Griffin Throneberry ran 25 yards on the opening play. They proceeded to fumble the ball, give Gallatin possession, who then threw an interception, and MJ got the ball back on the opposing 21. They ran for six yards, then made a 15-yard rushing touchdown. The Bears missed the extra point but gained the lead by one point with a score of 15-14.

At halftime, the score was still 15-14 MJ, but it went downhill after this for the Bears fans

Gallatin started from their own 20, and made the touchdown, missing the extra point. MJ lost one yard for this drive, making no forward progress and was forced to punt. Gallatin didn’t score on their drive and punted the ball.

MJ first from their own 10.

Griffin ran 21 yards on the opening play, putting the Bears at the 31-yard line. MJ then made multiple small plays and was forced to punt. They decided to run a fake punt play and ran 19 yards to get a 1st down on the opponent's 32.

Again, many small plays were run, and the quarter ended with the Bears at the opposing 11-yard line.

The Bears lost six yards from a combination of penalties and a QB rush for negative yards.

At this point, Griffin was pulled and Tyler Travers, #3, was put in as QB. His first pass was incomplete, and that brought the 4th down at the 15-yard line.

Mark made the field goal, and the score was 20-18 Gallatin.

Gallatin started from their own 20, ran 8 yards and was at 2nd down from their 28. The QB proceeded to run down the whole field for a touchdown, and the extra point was made. This put the score at 27-18, where it would stay for the rest of the game.

MJ had an unsuccessful drive and was forced to punt, and Gallatin had no time left to score.

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