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MJHS Beats Warren County With MJ's Second Shutout In a Row for Homecoming

Warren County started the game with the ball from their own 20-yard line.

After three plays that resulted in no gain, Warren Co was forced to punt the ball.

Mount Juliet returned the punt from their own 44-yard line. MJ accumulated four yards on this drive and was forced to punt, leaving Warren Co to start from their own five-yard line.

Warren Co gained six yards on the second down but they were forced to punt. The Bears defense pushed through and tackled the punter for a safety, giving MJ the lead at 2-0. They then proceeded to make a 20-yard kick return giving them a starting position of the opposing 37.

The Bears had a quick drive, leading to a 18-yard rush by Jon-Mikael Crudup. The Bears attempted to make a two point conversion, but failed, leaving the score 8-0 MJ.

Warren County made their first first down with five minutes left in the first quarter, and their second one with less than four minutes left, both of which were made by rush plays. This was the first drive Warren Co made overall forward progress. Warren County was close to making the first down with two and a half minutes left in the quarter, but Evan Parsons pushed his way through the line to punch the ball out for a fumble.

After running 56 yards to the Warren Co. 15 yard line, Evan was tackled, giving the Bears excellent field position.

After two rush plays by Dearrius Morton, Jon'Mikael ran the final four yards in for a touchdown, his second of the game and sixth of the season.

The Bears missed the extra point, leaving the score at 14-0.

After an offsides on the kickoff, the Bears kicked again. This caused a touchback, giving the Pioneers a starting position on their own 20.

Warren Co made 2 plays for the first down to finish the quarter, with the score still 14-0 Bears.

The opening play ended with an Unsportsmanlike Conduct call on the Pioneers, putting them back at their 22.

After a sack by William Czerniack, the Pioneers were placed at their 14, left at 3rd and 32.

The Pioneers, with a 4th and 23, made a 39 yard punt, giving the Bears a good starting position of their own 48.

After an incomplete pass, Morton made no gain on the rush.

Tyler Travers handed the ball off to Jon'Mikael made a 51 yard rush touchdown, his third of the night, seventh of the season.

Kicker Mark Shenouda made the extra point after the delay of game penalty, and made the score 21-0 Bears.

The Pioneers were quickly shut down, after the Bears defense pushed the Pioneers back to the 16 yard line, where they were forced to punt.

Osize Daniyan caught the ball on about the 50 yard line, then ran 34 yards back to the spot of the punt, giving the Bears excellent field position.

The Bears recovered their fumble, combined with the horsecollar penalty, the Bears were put at the 9 yard line.

Travers made a 15 yard pass to Osize for the touchdown.

The extra point was missed, giving the Bears a 27-0 lead with 6 minutes left in the first half.

Warren Co made a first down after three rush plays, but were shut down quickly after, and were forced to punt.

With 1:26 left in the first half, the Bears started their drive from the opposing 46.

After a targeting call, the Bears were put back 15 yards.

The Pioneers line pushed through the Bears, putting pressure on Travers, who botched the throw, almost leading to an interception.

Jon'Mikael was stopped quickly on the next play, bringing up 4th and 17.

Shenouda's punt went out of bounds, giving the Pioneers a first down with 22 seconds left.

The Bears made a sack to finish out the half, with the score 27-0 Bears.

The Bears started from the 35 yard line.

Travers handed the ball to Morton, who ran 18 yards to open the half.

After two offsetting personal foul penalties, the Bears had a third and six at the opposing 36 with 9:17 left in the third quarter.

With a fouth and five, Travers ran 14 yards for a first down.

After a 20 yard touchdown pass to Walter Bowers IV, and a successful extra point attempt, the Bears had a 34 point lead over the Pioneers.

The Bears defense allowed a 45 yard rush by the Pioneers, giving them a first and eight from the eight.

After two consecutive penalties, a sack, and an incomplete pass, the Pioneers attempted to go for a 21 yard touchdown pass, but threw an interception to finish off the quarter.

The Bears started the quarter from their own 18 yard line.

The Bears ate the quarter up with penalties and small plays, and were spotted first and ten at the ten yard line with 1:43 left in the game.

Keion Irby ran the ten yards needed for the touchdown, and the Bears made the extra point, putting the score 41-0, where it remained for the rest of the game.

The clock ran out during the kickoff, giving the Bears their second shutout of the season, with a record of 2-1.

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