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1,075 New Cases of COVID-19 This Week in Wilson County

"COVID-19 has been ravaging Tennessee since its arrival in March 2020." (TN Department of Health), "...with overall cases being at around 1.4 million, and deaths being over 20 thousand, with Wilson County cases at 31,016 and deaths at 408." (New York Times).

Just this week, Wilson County has recorded 1,075 new cases and 3 deaths.

There have been three spikes in Covid cases in Wilson County. From November 15th, 2020, when cases reached a daily average of 100, peaking on December 20th, 2020 to January 15th, 2021, when cases slowed back down to a daily average of 100, with another spike being mid-August to late September 2021, August 21st to September 20th having 100+ average daily cases.

"The most recent influx began in late December 2021, when on December 29th, average cases were at 97, rapidly increasing to well over 200 cases per day. Thankfully, the recent trend in cases hasn’t led to a major increase in deaths, but the number of hospitalized patients has still been rising. Previous spikes in hospitalized people occurred around the same time as case influxes, with close to 800 people hospitalized at the heights of the bigger spikes." (New York Times)

"Just over 50 percent of Wilson County is fully vaccinated, with 59% of people 12 and up being fully vaccinated, and people 65 and up having an 80% full vaccination rate. " (New York Times)

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