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Top 5 Wilson Co. Fair Attractions!

Starting in 1853 as the Third Divison Fair, the Wilson County Fair has returned every year in the middle of August with various family activities, rides, food, and other attractions. Known since the beginning for its agricultural focus, the fair gives chances for FFA students across Wilson County to interact with their community and teach people about animals and how local agricultural businesses run!

Along with being a way for people to interact, the Fair is a place for people to just have fun! We asked students who have visited some of their favorite things to do with friends and collected the Top Five Favorites!

5. Live Entertainment and Competition

The Wilson county fair stages many live performances within the 2 weeks including music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment seen throughout the grounds. These performance areas are located closest to the food trucks providing a good spot to sit, eat, and relax before going on the next round of rides! The fair also stages competitions ranging from FFA and 4-H to pageants including Ms. Wilson County Fair and Fairest of the Fair!

4. Fair Games

It’s universally acknowledged that all fair games are rigged, but sometimes the pull of the giant stuffed animals is too much! You cough up 1$, 2$, or 5$ to play Ring Toss or Bust-A-Balloon hoping that this is your year you can point out that stuffed animal hanging from the wall and carry it triumphantly to your car! But, whether you like them or not, fair games are a classic. Seen all throughout coming-of-age films and other cinema, playing at least one fair game is a must in order to feel like the “it girl” at the fair surrounded by your closest friends! Aw man you missed! Maybe next year…

3. Agriculture

This is a big one. The agricultural department is a huge part of the fair and takes up 25% of the grounds! Most of the booths, competitions, and animals are competed and cared for by local FFA and 4-H students who are dedicated to agriculture all across Wilson County.

They participate in livestock competitions and display farm animals for anyone to say hello to! The largest livestock competition categories go from Beef Cattle at 17 shows to Swine at The Wilson County Fair State Fair Swine Show! Go pay them a visit!


Another big one. While fair food isn’t necessarily a cuisine, it is definitely a category both loved and hated. Going from hibachi to corndogs, there is a variety to choose from! The classic Buttered corn on the Cob seems to be loved by many along with some fresh lemonade purchased at one of the many lemonade stands seen throughout the grounds. On your way out don’t forget to grab some funnel cake or deep-fried Oreos or a more fresh treat of chocolate-covered strawberries!

1. THE Ferris Wheel

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… THE FERRIS WHEEL!!! Truly the most iconic carnival/fair ride, it can be seen throughout television as a sign of laughter and fun (or it’s seen rolling through town in that case terror). The Ferris Wheel is an awesome ride to do with friends, family, or a significant other! Prime times seem to be during the sunset or at night when all of the neon lights are at their peak!

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