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Mount Juliet High School Beats Station Camp

Mount Juliet High School played Station Camp on Thursday, September 29th. Last year, the Bears lost to the Bison, which started a losing streak in MJ's regular season. At this game, they emerged victorious, after last week's 14th consecutive victory against Wilson Central.

Number six, Osize Daniyan, the senior wide receiver, started deep in the field and made a 31-yard kick return to put the Bears at the 36-yard line.

The Bison's defense put the Bears at a quick three-and-out and forced them to punt, giving the Bison a starting field position on their 24-yard line.

After a failed rush attempt, the Bison fumbled the ball, and junior linebacker, number 14, Cayson Walz recovered the ball on the Bison 27. The Bison defense forced another three and out, and the Bears attempted a field goal.

Senior punter, number 15, Mark Shenouda, struggled on the hold for sophomore kicker, number 98, Daniel Echeverria, and the Bison special teams defense came around to block the kick. They proceeded to make a 75-yard touchdown. The extra point attempt was good, putting the score at 7-0 Bison with 7:32 left in the first quarter.

During the Bears' next drive, senior running back, number 7, Dearrius Morton was heavily relied on, yet the offense was unable to score. The Bears were forced to punt, and the Bison started their drive from their own 20. The Bison ran down the field and took up the rest of the first quarter, and the first three minutes of the second before scoring. The extra point attempt was successful, and the score was brought to 14-0 Bison with 8:57 left in the second quarter.

The Bison attempted to make an onside kick but touched the ball too early, and the Bears started their drive from the Bison 34-yard line. After two rushes from Morton, the Bears were brought back by a holding penalty, putting them at the 35-yard line. Sophomore quarterback, number 3, Tyler Travers made a huge 35-yard pass to Daniyan, and after Echeverria made the extra point, the Bears, in just 90 seconds, were just a touchdown behind the Bison with 7:27 left in the half. The Bison started from their own 20-yard line. The Bison made two successful rush plays, but on the third play, they fumbled the ball, and the Bears came up with possession. Daniyan and senior cornerback, number 4, Eyob Gizaw forced the fumble, and the ball was recovered by senior linebacker, number 35, Aydan Smith. The rest of the half was a series of three three-and-outs, with the Bison having possession as the clock ran out.

The Bison started the half from their own 20-yard line. After eight rush plays, the Bison were on the MJ 37. In a combination of penalties and good defense, the Bison were forced to punt, and the Bears were placed at their own 18.

Morton made six rush plays to get the ball to the endzone for the touchdown. Echeverria made the extra point, and the Bears tied up the game with 4:10 left in the third quarter. The Bison started the drive from their 22-yard line, but were forced to punt. The Bears started from their own 47-yard line. Morton and senior receiver, number 5, Keion Irby, made two plays each, and brought the ball to their 46-yard line.

Sophomore running back, number 34, Harrison Edwards, on his first carry of the game, made a 54-yard rush touchdown. Echeverria's attempt was no good, which put the score at 20-14 Bears with 1:18 left in the third quarter.

The Bison made four rush plays to finish the quarter, and opened up the next quarter with six more. At fourth and three on the Bears' 46, the Bison unsuccessfully attempted the conversion.

Travers made three successful pass plays, Morton had two successful rushes and the Bears were at the one-yard line. Travers went around the line and made the touchdown.

The Bears tried a two-point conversion, but were unsuccessful, which put the score at 26 14 Bears with 4:57 left in the fourth quarter.

The Bison's next drive was stopped quickly by an interception by Walz, his first of the regular season. Morton brought the ball from the 43-yard line to the 18-yard line over three plays, and set Edwards up for his second touchdown of the game and his fourth of the season. Echeverria made the extra point, and the score was brought up to 33-14 with 2:09 left in the game.

The Bison quickly made their way down the field for a touchdown, and successfully made a two-point conversion, putting the score at 33-22 Bears, where it remained for the rest of the game.

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