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MJHS "Rocket Man" Kicks the 2022 Marching Band Season Off With an Out of this World Performance

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

This Friday, the Mount Juliet High School Band Of Gold will be kicking off the 2022 Marching Band Season with their show Rocket Man. We asked some members of the band to share some of their favorite moments:

-Ella Lambert (Alto Saxophone): "Probably my favorite moment from band camp is seeing the sunset from the practice field."

-Bethany Schwartz (Mellophone): "Singing happy birthday over 100 times to grace"

We also asked their favorite part of the show:

-Ella Lambert (Alto Saxophone): "My favorite part of the show is the second opening going into the wood wind feature it's always so fun to performance and really brings a punch."

-Bethany Schwartz (Mellophone): "The second hit so far"

-Hayden Powell (Euphonium): "Easily the brass feature. The distorted choreography paired with the music and how they line up makes it my favorite. Plus the fact that the brass can play full throttle, holding nothing back."

The show provides an experience through an astronaut's eyes. We start with the morning at Cape Canaveral, then we have the liftoff, and the journey through space. The choreography is amazing, the music extraordinary.

Come out this Friday to check out the MJHS Band of Gold performing "Rocket Man!"

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