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MJHS COVID-19 Update

The Golden Bear Gazette hopes you have a great start to your semester!

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Here is the news to keep you in-the-know. Today we are focusing on the latest WCS COVID-19 numbers and a few announcements.


Your latest COVID-19 numbers

The following information shows the latest Wilson County School COVID-19 cases and exposure quarantines.

Wilson County Schools updated their data to include the week of Jan. 2 through 8. The district did not report data between Dec. 18 and Jan. 1.

The charts below show the updated figures for both positive cases and quarantines.

Data reported by Wilson County Schools

COVID-19 School Numbers for Jan. 2-8

MJHS reported seven positive student cases and one positive staff case at MJHS for the week.

The highest school case count lies with Green Hill High School with eight positive student cases and no positive staff cases.

COVID-19 Quick Facts

  • A Wilson County company is playing a part in making sure that Pfizer vaccines get distributed while staying at the correct temperature.

  • The district is reviewing the COVID-19 data tomorrow and will announce the status of schools for the rest of January this Thursday.


BearTalk is back

BearTalk has returned for another podcast season of your school news.

Yirga Habtu introduced the third season with a look at this year's football season and a look ahead at Colton Regen's future at Vanderbilt.

All news tips, news suggestions, or podcast topics can be emailed to us at!


The Golden Bear Gazette staff hope you have a beary great day!

See you next week!

The Golden Bear Gazette Staff

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