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Lady Bears JV Softball Team

The JV Lady Bears softball team has been a great asset to the team as a whole whether it is playing in the JV games, stepping up to play in varsity when needed, or just cheering on the varsity team in their games.

Throughout the season this team has accomplished many things, including beating Greenhill JV 8-0 and winning the Lebanon JV tournament. This team is proving that they are gonna be a very special group when their time comes to be on varsity.

When asked about this year's JV season, Karli Walden ('24) said, “This year's JV team has been a good one, every moment on the field is one to remember. We as a team have worked so hard to get where we are. I'm proud to say the future of Mt. Juliet softball looks very bright. The energy brought to the field is always positive, making the game ten times better. The support within each other is indescribable and has made this year so fun both on and off the field.”

The coaches are very proud of this team and are so excited to work with these girls. They cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Lady Bears.

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