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Interview with New Assistant Principal, Mrs. Adam!

A couple of weeks ago, MJHS transitioned Assistant Principles! Mr. Lytle was promoted, and none other than Mrs. Adam took his place. Even though she isn’t new to the school, we interviewed her to get to know her a little better!

What did Mrs. Adam previously teach?

Mrs. Adam has been teaching here at Mount Juliet High School for five years now. Before moving to Mount Juliet she lived in Arizona where she graduated from Arizona State and taught for another five years. There she taught English 1 and led the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a program made to prepare outstanding high school students for college.

She started out at MJHS teaching English 2. She then transitioned into heading AP capstone, a program that develops students' skills in research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presenting. She was also the data coach here at MJHS, a position that deals in supporting data-informed instruction for each classroom.

What motivated Mrs. Adam to go for the assistant principal position?

“I wanted to be an advocate for teachers,” says Mrs. Adam. One of her favorite things about teaching is leading, whether it be students or adults. She wanted to listen to people and help them achieve her goals.

Why did Mrs. Adam want to become a teacher and what are your favorite things about it?

Her response to this question was simple but perfect. “I just love those light bulb moments.” The moment where someone's eyes light up and they finally understand.

What are some of the things assistant principals do?

As the master scheduler, one of Mrs. Adam’s specialties is creating color-coded spreadsheets so everyone knows their job. “It’s funny because Mr. Dunkin didn’t appreciate his color so we had to change his color to make him happy.”

She is also the AP coordinator and is the head of the counseling and social studies departments. Each principal is also in charge of specific letter groups. Mrs. Adam is responsible for every student with a last name starting with A-Em.

Assistant principals also have small, day-to-day tasks like lunch monitoring, bus duty, along with acting as a representative for the school. Along with dealing with discipline around the school and teacher observations.

Does Mrs. Adam have any plans to move up anymore?

“I feel that I have a lot to learn and I am very happy that I am here in this role.” Mrs. Adam loves her current position and is comfortable being here as long as that may be. She has “no eyes on a prize.” as she puts it. This, of course, doesn't mean she never wants to move up and someday become the principal but she is very comfortable with where she is now. She is so excited to learn and grow even more as an educator.

What does Mrs. Adam like to do in her free time?

Mrs. Adam has two sons, she wouldn’t say it was a hobby but it definitely takes up a lot of her free time! She frequently works out at OrangeTheory. Again, she wouldn't say it's a hobby it but she always makes sure to go!

Mrs. Adam also loves CW shows and often finds herself watching things that her students would watch. Some of her favorites are Legacies and especially Grey’s Anatomy. “I’m glad the show is picking back up, ever since Derek died the show just plumped.”

She also enjoys reading any chance she gets. To just curl up with a good book, particularly romance fiction, and maybe some tea or hot chocolate. Speaking of hot chocolate, her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves all the joy that surrounds the holiday and passing down her traditions to her sons.

Her favorite animal is a tiger. “My dad has always called me Tiger so it really helps to instill confidence,” she says. Her favorite color is grey. Now before you make any assumptions, hear her out! It’s a peaceful, sleek, calming color that some may seem as boring but is associated with emotions such as neutrality and balance. Perfect for a principal. She also enjoys some good Mexican food or some Chick-fil-A!

In conclusion, Mrs. Adam is such a kind person and loves this school so much. She’s someone you can come to whenever you need anything so don't be afraid to visit her in room B139!

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