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Community Outreach with Providence United Methodist Church

Providence United Methodist Church hosts a community service program twice a year that aids people within communities, states, nationally and even around the world. This program is called “Worship Without Walls'' and it's been going on for the past ten years. Most recently, Worship Without Walls took place on Sunday, September 25 and there were 12 volunteer opportunities available. These opportunities included: All for Him, Compassionate Hands, DrugFree WilCo, Foster 180, Hananiah House, Legacy Mission Village, MJPD Yard Work, MJPD Kitchen Organization, Mt Juliet Help Center, Open Table Nashville, Rest Stop Ministries, SEED India and WilsoMinistriesn Rides. Places that are asking for donations were: Foster 180, Open Table Nashville, Mt Juliet Help Center and The Village at Glencliff. The Director of Outreach at Providence, Regina Gertin, stated:

“I’m especially excited to introduce the congregation to SEED, a non profit organization in Kolkata India. We are making Christmas cards to send to the students and staff they serve.” She also mentioned she was “excited for our Rest Stop Ministries which seres women leaving situations of human trafficking.”

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to be more involved in their community. When talking to Rachel Armstrong, the Director of Student Ministries at Providence, about the importance of students getting involved in their community, she said:

“Students are in the season of their life where they are forming their identities and creating patterns for how they want to live their lives. If students begin serving other people now, it can affect how they see themselves for years to come. When you experience the joy of helping others and see yourself as part of the solution to the world's problems, you want to continue making a difference.”

Gertin recommended teenagers' participation in Rest Stop Ministries to help women in the community and OpenTable Nashville to help people experiencing homelessness and children in foster care. Also, for teens who want more outdoor work-oriented opportunities, there is work for them at the Mt Juliet Fire department, but teenagers are more than welcome to participate in any of the programs. Armstrong stated:

“It can be intimidating to step into a new situation and try something new, but the rewards will outway the discomfort.”

There is an opportunity for everyone to participate in Worship Without Walls, and all of the programs are on their website:, and you can sign up or donate at

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