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Off the President’s Desk: Second Edition

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Hey Bears!

Welcome back to my newsletter! This time of year is just so exciting! I’m looking forward to homecoming, pep rallies and fall. 

The homecoming parade is going to be a blast to be involved in! I can’t wait to decorate floats with my friends. We have a special surprise guest appearance set up for the parade, so rep your city!

The pep rally after the parade is going to be so hype, and I am excited to see all of your Bear Pride!

Congratulations to the homecoming court! I am so excited to see your beautiful dresses and floats. 

What I am looking forward to most is Fall! The football games, nice weather and Halloween are my favorite things ever - and the fact that they're all at the same time!

Be sure to show up at the away game at Gallatin High School tonight! It’s only 20 minutes away, so make it deep!

Enjoy your three day weekend!

'Til the next newsletter...

Lila Martin

2023-2024 Student Body President


Published bi-weekly on Fridays.

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