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Golden Hour Calls for Creative Student Submissions

Previously known as The Roar, the MJHS creative magazine Golden Hour is calling for creative submissions from students. The submission deadline is currently March 20.

The Hour is looking for creative works of short stories, poetry, photography, paintings, creative non-fiction, digital designs, drawings, and all other media.

All MJHS students are eligible to submit. Submissions are taken on Google Classroom with the code scjklkm. All submission requirements can be found on the Google Forms posted there.

The best visual work and the best literary work will each receive $20 and a cover feature on the spring issue.

The staff is also hoping to incorporate a lot of interactive elements into the magazine, such as crossword puzzles, coloring pages, etc.

Spring issues will go on sale in April.

Chief Justice Delaney swearing in the 2021 Governor Lucy Pfeiffer

MJ's Youth in Government Success at TN YIG Conference

Over the weekend, 34 MJHS students participated in a mock State Government competition with 800 students from across Tennessee at the YMCA Youth In Government Conference at the State Capitol.

Here is what you need to know about MJ's chapter:

  • Of the five TN Supreme Court Justices at the conference, three were from Mt. Juliet High School (Declan Delaney, Laruen Allen , & Hope Sloan)

  • Kyle Hacker & JB Graves made final case in court (big honor for legal teams)

  • Lucy Pfeiffer ran against five other candidates for governor and won a run-off. She is now the second MJHS student to be elected governor in the past four years

Outstanding Delegates

  • Camryn Mitchell

  • Alexia Stotsenburg

  • Daniel Hurley

  • Garner Cherry

Outstanding Legal Team

  • Kyle Hacker & J.B. Graves

  • Jenny Fanza Award (Outstanding TN Supreme Court Justice)

  • Declan Delaney (Chief Justice of TN Supreme Court)

Outstanding Bills

  • Camryn Mitchell

  • Allison Harbula, Emily Redden, Morgan Evans

2021 Officer Positions MJHS Students Chosen

  • Attorney General: Madelyn Outman

  • Head Lobbyist: Finn Shirley

  • House Floor Leader: Camryn Mitchell

  • YIG GOVERNOR: Lucy Pfeiffer

Outgoing 2020 Conference Officers from MJHS

  • Declan Delaney: Chief Justice

  • Lauren Allen: Associate Justice

  • Hope Sloan: Associate Justice

  • Lucy Pfeiffer: Senate Floor Leader

  • Hayden Pierce: Engrossing Clerk

  • Eli Loyd: Video Editor

  • Anamaree Dranes: Press

Upcoming Events

March 2: Senior Superlative Pictures in Gym @ 2:45pm & Senior Night and Superlative Presentation during 7pm Boys Basketball Game at Wilson Central High

March 3: Election Day - No School & 5AAA Boys' Basketball Game at Springfield against Clarksville High, as they enter semi-finals

March 9-13: Spring Break

March 20: Deadline for The Golden Hour creative students submissions.

May 20-21 (4:15-6:15PM) & May 22 (9-11AM): Volleyball Tryouts for Fall 2020 season. Athletes must have a physical in order to try out.

Bear Trends

What We Are Listening To: This week's BearTalk podcast and Spotify's Today's Top Hits Playlist

What We Are Reading: The Complete Fiction of Nella Larsen: Passing, Quicksand, and the Stories written by Nella Larsen

What We Are Watching: Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s interesting perspective on the ramifications of leaving DNA traces about.

What We Are Talking About: The artist meaning behind the creative arts magazine's new name: The Golden Hour.

What We Are Anticipating: TPAC's has announced the upcoming Broadway shows coming this year.

Today in History

2017: The element Tennessine was officially added to the periodic table at a conference in Moscow, Russia. The name was suggested by Joseph Hamilton of Vanderbilt, as a part of the team conducting its experiments, in honor of Tennessee where most tests were conducted. Other new elements added at the Moscow conference included Moscovium and Oganesson.

That's all for the Monday Briefing! Have a Beary Great Day!

The Golden Bear Gazette Staff

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