Year 'Round Christmas Store Coming to Mt. Juliet

By Kyndle Fly


Word has got out that Mount Juliet will be the second location to receive the biggest year round Christmas store in the south.

The original store is located in Pigeon Forge where it is family-owned and operated. The store, known as “The Incredible Christmas Place,” brings around 15 million people a year, and they expect the same outcome for the new facility.

"Because of the citizens of the Nashville area and also the tourism Nashville has, we expect great numbers here," Toby Barnes, one of the family owners for the MJ branch, told the Tennessean.

Construction started the second week of October and is projected to be finished by the summer of 2020. It will be 1200 sq feet and reside next to the train station on Mt. Juliet Road. The city is pouring three million dollars into it and expects a large amount of revenue.

Judd Sellers, the owner of the original store, even stating to the Wilson Post, “This will change the face of Mt. Juliet.”

There is one major downfall to the holiday-themed superstore, and that is it will bring even more traffic. Mt. Juliet traffic is already difficult, and the MJ branch of the Incredible Christmas Place is expected to bring 500,000 people right off the bat.

Whether you are a Christmas lover and will spend all your free time at this new store or you think it is a waste of money, The Incredible Christmas Place is coming. Better get in the holiday spirit.

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