WBNN: What's The W?

By: Shelby Brunson


Everyone at MJHS watches the school news channel, WBNN (bear news network), for news and updates. The real question is... Why the “W?”

There are many different opinions about what the “W” really stands for in WBNN and why it is there. The meaning of the beginning letter of our news channel is not widely known among the students at Mount Juliet High School, according to a survey that was taken schoolwide.

Although it is not officially known, the student body had some pretty good guesses.

Addie Stafford, a member of WBNN and the senior vice president, quotes, “That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to it. I’m guessing Wilson.”

Piercy Steele has a more humorous approach. She quotes, “Maybe [it means] woah. Honestly, I feel like they put the ‘W’ in because it flows nicely together and makes it sound more official and cool, but maybe there’s a super funky meaning to it.”

Avery Persinger took a guess and said the “W” might mean “we.”

50% of students who took the google form survey guessed “Wilson” as the meaning of the “W.” Others voted “world,” “weekly” and “watch.” Sillier guesses included “whimsical,” “wet and “wonderful.”

1% of students who took the survey knew what the real meaning of the W was.

But why only 1%?

One student anonymously answered this survey question by saying, “It does not have an obvious of an explanation as the other letters do.”

Another student wrote, “People usually just call it BNN without the ‘W.’”

It turns out that the “W” does not stand for anything. It does, however, have an important meaning.

When asked why most people don’t know the significance of the “W,” Mr. Peach stated, “It really doesn’t mean much to the average person. Every actual television station has a four letter calling code. On this side of the Mississippi, it is entirely “W.” On the other side of the Mississippi River, all the televisions radio stations have a ‘K’ instead of ‘W.’”

The “W’ does not stand for a specific word. Instead, it is simply the first letter of the calling code for every television station in the U.S east of the Mississippi River.

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