Walmart Exits Handgun Market, Stops Selling Ammunition

By Alec Wilson


On Sept 3, Walmart announced that it will end the sales of ammunition and start asking customers to conceal their firearms as a result of the two mass shootings that happened a month prior.

Back in 2015, Walmart stopped selling guns that had often been associated with shootings.

However, the international store will continue to sell guns and ammunition that are in the category of hunting and sport shooting in almost half of its 5,000 stores across the United States.

The executives at Walmart did not offer any additional information as to how this could impact their financial status.

Since this decision has heavily affected gun advocates, they have been showing up at Walmarts with their non-concealed firearms on their hips in hope that the retailer would change their mind about the new policy. Anger also arose from a group of 40 white collar workers who walked off the job because of the gun regulations.

A shooting range in Texas even made fun of Walmart’s choice of banning certain ammunition from being sold in their store. Before the gun ammunition ban and El Paso shooting, Walmart had already pulled all violent video games off their shelves in the hopes of preventing violence.

Even with all of these attempts to prevent violence, violence will always remain no matter what efforts are made to stop it.

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