And I Oop- 'VSCO Girls' Are Taking Over The World

By Mia Agee


Who wear armfuls of scrunchies and carry around a HydroFlask with them everywhere they go? You guessed it - VSCO girls. The bare-faced, environmentally-conscious female society originated from apps like VSCO, Tik Tok and YouTube through Gen Zers and influencers like Emma Chamberlain.

VSCO, the 2011-developed photo editing app, started off as a place for aspiring photographers to post and modify their shots. Recently, however, it has become the object of derision for many young girls. The app’s “aesthetic” has developed into messy buns, oversized T-shirts and the famed “golden hour” photo overlay.

When it comes to being a VSCO girl, it is all about style and appearance. If you own Birkenstocks, a seashell necklace and a pair of Crocs, it probably means you are a VSCO girl. Own a Fjällräven backpack and Pura Vida bracelets too? If so, then welcome to the VSCO girl club.

One of VSCO girls’ main priorities is to “save the turtles,” which is why they always have a metal straw on the ready. Their HydroFlasks can always be found covered with environment-friendly stickers that encourage people to make better choices for the environment. Do they ever actually take action or live up to what they are promoting? That answer, most of the time, is no.

On a different note, who can forget about the infamous VSCO girl lingo?

“And I oop” and “sksksk” are both phrases used in everyday conversations by VSCO girls. Ever caught yourself saying one of them? Congratulations, you are officially a VSCO girl!

So, you are a VSCO girl. Now what? Maybe start by planning a VSCO sleepover where you and your friends camp out on the trampoline with blankets and pillows. Making friendship bracelets is a must, so do not forget to bring beads and yarn.

If you or your friends do not have a trampoline, do not worry! You can easily transform a bedroom, old treehouse or shed into a VSCO hangout. All you need are some succulents, printed pictures and fairy lights. Spruce up just one corner of your room, and voilà! You have got yourself your very own VSCO hangout.

Just because society has given the term “VSCO girl” a negative connotation does not mean there is anything wrong with being one. Embrace it! Remember “Tumblr girls?” The colored-hair, graphic tee-wearing generation of girl used to be all the rave. Now, it is a part of the past. The “VSCO girl” era will not last forever, so enjoy it now while you still can.

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