The Truth Behind Tik Tok Stars: The Life Story Of These Intriguing Celebrities

By Halli DaBell


The addictive and fascinating app, Tik Tok, has exploded in America and viewers just cannot get enough.

The app, formerly known as “,” was bought by a Chinese company, Bytedance, which explains why it now has the new and improved name, Tik Tok. The highly successful app has made a way for many people from all around the world to become famous overnight by creating unique lip-syncing videos.

“Tik Tok inspires others to express themselves.” said Tik Tok viewer, Destynie Jones.

Famous Tik Tok stars Benji Krol and Jey Jey Gardi can second that. Krol and Gardi became famous overnight not only because of their lovable relationship, but also because of their amazing Tik Tok videos that viewers cannot stop watching. Although viewers claim they know Benji Krol and Jey Jey Gardi, do they really know everything?

Benji Krol, born Benji Aleksander Krol, was born in Montreal, Canada on Dec. 14, 2000. Since his mother is from Argentina, he has an incredible knowledge of the Spanish language. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Thomas and Rowy, and is currently 18 years old and recently graduated from high school. As of right now, he has not mentioned anything about enrolling in college.

Krol is an incredible painter as well as photographer. He has painted ever since he was a child and has won many awards in his high school career. If you follow this incredibly talented young star on Tik Tok, then you would understand why he has won so many awards. His addicting Tik Toks not only display the art he paints on his face, but also his cheerful and kind demeanor.

“Many would say I am a very kind person. I try to be as nice as I can and inspire people with my Tik Toks,” Benji Krol recentlystated in a video on his YouTube channel.

Benji Krol is an inspiration to many with his great smile, charming looks, creative lifestyle and artistic abilities. Currently, he has two Instagram accounts known as @benjikrol and @itsbenjikrol as well as Youtube and Twitter accounts both known as @BenjiKrol.

“Benji Krol is very creative and different from other Tik Tok Stars videos in a very unique and great way. He is definitely one of my favorite Tik Tok stars to watch,” Tik Tok lover Lizzy Hawkes announced.

On the flip side, his adorable and lovable boyfriend, Jey Jey Gardi, born Jorge Garay, was born on Nov. 30, 2001 in Barcelona, Spain. Since Garay is originally from Spain, his first language is Spanish, but convenient enough, he is fluent in the English language also. This makes it easy for Garay and Krol to talk to each other due to the fact that they both know Spanish and English. Jey Jey Gardi is an incredible painter and photographer just like his boyfriend, Krol, so it is no wonder that they make such incredible Tik Tok videos together.

“Jorge Garay is one of the coolest people I have watched on Tik Tok ever. His painting skills are out of this world. I love the ones he does with Benji Krol where they paint on eachothers’ faces. It is just so cute and entertaining.” said viewer Karen Fray.

Jorge Garay is currently 17 years old and recently graduated from high school. He is currently living with his boyfriend, Benji Krol, in Barcelona, Spain. The couple, however, is rarely in Barcelona because they love to travel and visit new places.

There were last seen in Switzerland on Garay’s most recent Instagram post and a humorous YouTube video featuring Krol. The two boys got lost and were stranded at the top of the biggest mountain in Switzerland. Luckily, they were able to make it back to their fans to home.

“Jorge Garay has a wonderful personality and is so petite and loveable. I love his soft demeanor and Barcelones accent that is loved by me and my friends along with his super interesting Tik Toks,” said Jorge Garay fan, Mary Cooper.

This adorable Tik Tok couple is not only likeable together, but they also each have their own individual personalities that people really enjoy. Tik Tok has been a creative way for people like Krol and Garay to get ideas for their own lives. The couple’s Tik Tok videos inspire so many to just be themselves. No one is sure when the Tik Tok craze will die down, but several people are hoping it will not be anytime soon.

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