The Tastiest Treats This Halloween

By Katherine Scruggs


Almost everyone has a sweet tooth. Therefore, most people love Halloween because it is all about candy!

There are, of course, a variety of candies. Everyone has that candy that surpasses all others, the favorite that you eat too much to the point that you get tired of it. The flavors vary from fruity, chocolatey and more!

This list will include the top three candies this Halloween. All of these are definitely classics! If you have a sweet tooth, you should keep reading! Hopefully, you will find some of your favorites on this list.

To start off the list we have a delicious and fun treat: Snickers! Most people who like chocolate love Snickers, a classic from the 2000s. Snickers consist of nougat topped with soft caramel and peanuts encased in a creamy milk chocolate layer. Is your mouth watering yet?

Second on the list we have Skittles. If you do not enjoy chocolate, this is the candy for you! Skittles is a brand of fruit flavored candy, loved by many people with a sweet tooth. They are chewy and delicious; you can basically taste the rainbow!

Last but not least, we have York Peppermint Patties. You will either love or hate these, but if you love them, you love them. These candies are mint hidden under a thin, sweet layer of chocolate. Make sure you pick some up this Halloween!

Hopefully this list of the top three classic Halloween candies has gotten you in the holiday spirit. Maybe it will even encourage you to try some new candy as well!

Have a sweet Halloween this year, be safe, and happy trick-or-treating!

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