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The Last Launch: MJHS Band of Gold Wraps up 2022-2023 Fall Marching Season

The fall season for the Mount Juliet Band of Gold has officially come to an end with their show, Rocket Man. The band finished off their competitive season at MTSU's Contest of Champions, where they placed Finals for the third year in a row. Out of 24 bands, they scored fifth overall with a score of 84.9.

The theme of the show is the experience of the lift-off and journey through space, with samples of audio from Elton John's hit song of the same name. Rocket Man finishes off with the landing on the moon, where at the end, vinyl tarps with the stars and stripes of the American flag are pulled out and an astronaut waves a flag emblazoned with the MJ logo as the band and color guard point up at the moon to the audience.

However, learning the parts of the show itself has been just as much of a journey as the one through the stars. This show has been the first marching band show of many, especially the influx of middle schoolers who got a chance to be a part of the Band of Gold this year, but unfortunately, also the last fall season for all the seniors that are to graduate this year.

While it took many long hours and hard work, aching muscles and tired eyes, this season has without a doubt been another success for the award-winning Band. Now, interested members are to move on to the winter season, in which in the last year, all three groups of Winter Guard, Winter Winds, and Winter Drumline made finals at WGI.

There is excitement and high hopes among everyone as they "blast off" into another season!

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