Tall Girl Movie Recieves Mixed Reviews

By Lizzy Hawkes


Last week Netflix released a new teen rom-com, Tall Girl, starring Ava Michelle. The basic idea was to explore the challenges and insecurities that Jodi, a 6’1” high schooler, faces. Netflix did not seem to get their point across in the best way.

For instance, one of the first lines of the movie is, “You think your life is hard? I’m a high school Junior wearing size 13 Nikes. Men’s size 13 Nike’s. Beat that.” While one can imagine that being a teenage girl wearing men’s shoes is difficult, the line came across as “you don’t have problems because your feet aren't huge.” And this obviously is not the case.

Another unrealistic fact about this movie is the height difference between Jodi and her fellow classmates. It seems as though the main character towers over students, but in reality, many people in high school are taller than 6’1”.

It had everything any other teen rom-com would have, such as cheesy lines, a mean popular girl, a male best friend trying to break out of the friendzone, and even a make-over montage. The only real difference between Tall Girl and every other teenage movie is that the protagonist is tall.

So if you are sitting at home with nothing to do and want to waste an hour and forty-one minutes, put on Tall Girl.

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