MJHS Orchestra to Perform the Star Spangled Banner In Upcoming Pep Rally

By Lizzy Hawkes


The Star Spangled Banner is typically performed as a solo or duet by a singer at school events. However, MJHS’ very own orchestra has taken it upon themselves the challenge of playing the intricate piece at future pep rallies.

Mrs. Grossman, the head Orchestra director at Mt. Juliet High School, said that the orchestra has had some experience playing this song and has been rehearsing it for concerts.

The band director hopes by playing the anthem at the pep rally that the student body will become more aware of the school’s orchestra. She told the Gazette that students were a little hesitant when they learned they would be performing in front of the student body.

“It’s difficult to perform in front of your peers… a pep rally is not really a typical concert setting,” Grossman went on to say.

Another challenge is the difference between the anthem and other pieces they are required to perform. Mrs. Grossman made it clear that each song is rehearsed with equal importance and preparation.

Each band member works extremely hard no matter what song they are playing. The US National Anthem is no different. Since the band is having to perform in front of the entire school and every student will know how the way the song goes, it adds to the pressure of performing.

Despite the challenges, Mrs. Grossman and her orchestra are excited to perform the National Anthem. They are set to play at the pep rally on Nov. 8.

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