The Ocean Has a Huge Impact on the Enviroment. Here's How.

By Lizzy Hawkes


The ocean takes up 71% of the Earth, providing humans with nearly everything they need to survive, including food, water and air. It may seem weird that air would come from underwater, but with all the plankton, algae and coral reefs living in the great blue, they are one of the planet’s number one source of oxygen.

In addition to oxygen, the ocean provides Earth with nearly 80% of all its living organisms. From whales to plankton, and from seahorses to sea stars, the ocean contains an abundance of astounding creatures.

Animals are not the only living things found under the sea’s surface. Seaweed, algae, seagrass and other underwater plants can also be found. These plants also produce carbon dioxide and oxygen, and are home to thousands of other sea creatures.

Another huge role the ocean plays on the Earth is keeping it warm. Because the ocean takes up such a large portion of the planet, most of the sun’s rays get absorbed into it. Through the process of evaporation, the ocean’s currents evenly distributes heat throughout Earth.

So, in addition to providing people with air, food and water sources, the ocean is the reason most parts of the world keep a warm temperature.

The ocean has an even greater impact on the planet than most people realize. From the air they breathe to the water they drink, people can almost always thank the ocean.

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