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Mount Juliet TN Golden Bear Gas Station

Upon the first days of the 2023-24 school year at MJHS, the Golden Bear Gas Station, which was under construction and longingly anticipated for the past year, has finally opened. Now after the first nine weeks, we can see just how relevant it is in both the students' lives and even some teachers.

The majority of students in MJHS have shared their opinions of the practicality of it and described positive experiences; such positive experiences include being able to have access to a convenience store before and after school, especially for after-school activities. It also became a place where students could fill up their gas instead of driving an extra few miles down Golden Bear Gateway and roads beyond that to find another station.

Other than how it's been affecting day-to-day routines, a handful of students are also proud to have a gas station with the "Bear" name on it, which gives a sense of unity to some degree.

Overall, the students and teachers have experienced great convenience with the gas station finally being open and even consider shopping there frequently if they were able to; however, there have also been a few drawbacks as well.

One of the few drawbacks and some of the major concerns is "being out of area," meaning that, on some occasions, the school administration isn't in favor of letting students leave campus, most of the time during school hours, to go to the gas station. There is also sometimes an increase in traffic which can deter others from arriving on time as well. One said experience is where some students will cut through the gas station in the hopes of shaving off a minute or so in line, causing increased traffic.

Within this span of time since the Golden Bear Gas Station opened, it has indeed shown just how frequently it affects day-to-day life, both directly and indirectly. In the end it is a matter of choice and is indeed an extra expense of sorts; however, the practicality has been shown to be more beneficial than not.

Now that leads to the question: will you be willing to stop and pay a visit to the Golden Bear Gas Station?

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