Once a Bear Always a Bear: MJ Legacies

By Shelby Brunson


Mount Juliet High School has fed some very talented and significant people into the world. Many of which have made impacts on the world and accomplished great things in their lifetime.

One “legend” of the school is Barry E. Wilmore, a NASA astronaut and captain of the U.S. Navy. Wilmore was raised in Mount Juliet and went on to attend Tennessee Technological University and the University of Tennessee. The ambitious alumni was awarded with The Defense Superior Service Medal, five Air Medals, two NASA Space Flight Medals and two Navy Achievement Medals.

Wilmore was asked to be a NASA astronaut in July 2000, and has worked there ever since. He has logged being in space for an impressive 178 days, not consecutively, of course.

Amy Brewer, another graduate, went on to create the MJ for Hope Organization. Her mission was to give back to the community, raise fundraisers and host charitable events for people in the community. The organization’s first event was a basketball game in 2015, which led to a golf tournament and a running marathon later on.

15 events have taken place at three per year. 15-30 people from the community volunteer for each of Brewer’s events. She was inspired to start her organization through two of her school friends.

“One had cancer and the other had an immune disease, and we were gonna have a basketball game for them. We just wanted to raise money for them, and we wanted to help people in our community. It started with just Mount Juliet alumni, and now we kinda help everyone in the community as much as we can,” Brewer said.

Current students at MJHS are capable of doing the same things - perhaps even bigger and better. The question is, what will YOU accomplish?

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