"Lose Yourself" at the Grammys

On Feb 9, the night of the 92nd Oscar Academy awards, there were many celebrations of accomplishments such as the five Grammys won by Billie Eilish to the celebration of life that was Kobe Bryant, but there was also a big surprise.

Eminem, A.K.A Slim Shady performed his Classic and biggest hit “Lose Yourself” which was a worldwide success that peaked at number twenty four internationally and number one on the U.S. Billboard chart for twenty four weeks straight.

Many seemed shocked but however surprised they were, everyone from Idina Menzel to Gal Gadot and Zack Gottsagen could be seen head bobbing the record-breaking single. He received a standing ovation at the end of his performance from the entire audience.

Since the Sunday night performance, there has been a massive increase in the sales of the hit record and many celebrity and Youtube reactions of the viral performance have been posted online.

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