Happiness Happened: The Jonas Brothers Came to Nashville

By Annie Humphrey and Kyndle Fly


NASHVILLE, TN The Nashville leg of the Jonas Brother’s “Happiness Begins” tour happened on Tuesday, Sept. 10. For all the fans that attended, happiness truly did happen.

The Story

A lot has changed since the Jonas Brothers debuted their first song “Please Be Mine” in 2006. When the pop trio first started out, Kevin, Joe and Nick were 17, 15 and 12 years old. Now, over 200 songs, five studio albums and 14 years later, things could not be more different.

The Jonas Brothers were a large part of this generation’s childhood. Kevin, Nick and Joe formed their band in 2005 and released their first album “It’s About Time” the next year. By 2006, they began working with Disney Channel, increasing their fame after the music video for their song, “Year 3000,” was released in 2007.

As they started appearing more frequently on Disney Channel, they gained popularity and acquired their dedicated fan base through T.V. shows like “Jonas” and movies like Camp Rock.

The Jo Bros’ fans enjoyed a steady release of quality music through 2009, including hit songs

“Burnin’ Up,” “S.O.S.” and “Lovebug.” The brothers released five studio albums and went on to have several successful tours.

Their last album before their break, “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times,” was released in 2009, but they continued as a band until October of 2013. The trio reformed their band on Mar. 1, 2019, nearly six years later with the hit song “Sucker.”

The band broke up on the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2012/2013. Before one show in 2013, Nick had a panic attack, leading to many solemn discussions between the brothers.

The three musicians realized that the band was ultimately hurting their brotherly relationship and that they were going in different creative directions. Over 20 tour dates were cancelled, and the band’s official break-up was announced.

Kevin and Joe were initially hurt by their younger brother’s decision, creating animosity between the trio. However, after six long years, the brothers were able to pursue individual endeavors and complete a year of therapy to rebuild their relationship. Now, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever, relishing in the success of their new album “Happiness Begins.”

The Album

“Happiness Begins” started out as one song, “Sucker.” When the song was released, fans were thrilled that the Jonas Brothers had finally made a “comeback.” The future songs on the new album certainly did not disappoint.

The band’s fifth studio album also brought about a style change for the brothers. Leaving their punk rock style of the early 2000s behind, the new album offers a more modern vibe.

Do not fret (!), there are still multiple songs on this album reminiscent of the old days. In an interview with Apple Music, Joe even stated, “You’ve gotten through 10 songs and you’re like ‘Where the h*ll are the Jonas Brothers I know? This is stupid.’ Lucky for you, Number 11 (‘Strangers’) is here to save the day.”

“Happiness Begins” was released June 7, 2019, which was perfect timing for summer. The album consists of all “summer bops,” making you feel like laying at the pool in your favorite swimsuit with a cold drink, big sunglasses and earbuds in.

If you listened to this album over the summer, you, like most teenage girls, were living your best life. That feeling was especially present at their recent concert.

The Concert (!)

The concert, which started at seven, had two openers - Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha. McGraw went on first singing songs of his, like “We Met At a Party” and a song from his first concert (Blink 182).

Bebe Rexha was slightly more anticipated by fans. She sang some of her own work, such as “I’m a Mess” and “Meant to Be,” and also included several hits that she wrote for other artists. Rexha even brought out her own special guest, Kelsea Ballerini.

Bebe Rexha performing with two incredible backup

dancers/singers in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Throughout the concert, merchandise from the tour was available for fans to purchase. This included shirts that featured the two pre-released songs “Sucker” and “Cool,” the album and tour covers as well as old merch from previous tours. There were also multiple hats and sweatshirts fans could purchase.

For everyone in Bridgestone Arena, true happiness began approximately two hours after the official start of the concert when the Jonas Brothers descended from the ceiling singing “Rollercoaster.” That feeling of utter joy stayed present throughout the entire concert.

The set list included only nine of the 14 songs on the new album, and the rest of their stage time consisted of their old music. The band provided a strong sense of nostalgia for their fans by singing classics like “Lovebug,” “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000.”

They even brought out popular country duo Dan + Shay as special guests. The Jonas Brothers sang along to their hit song “Tequila,” and even took shots of Nick’s own brand, Villa One. At one point, fans could yell out their song suggestions and the brothers took some of them. The stadium enjoyed renditions of “Gotta Find You” and “Play My Music” from Camp Rock.

A fan organization called With the Band organized something special for the brothers that they called the “Comeback to Us Project.” Under every seat, there was a small sign printed with the words “Thank you for coming back to us.” Fans were instructed to hold it up during the song “Comeback.”

This was only done in Nashville, and it was a special surprise for the band. Nick stated “This is such a beautiful sight,” after looking up and seeing all the signs.

The Happiness Begins tour, more specifically the Nashville concert, surpassed all expectations, giving fans so much more than they could have hoped for. So thank you to the Jonas Brothers for a great concert and for coming back to your loyal fans.

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