You'll Float Too! The Spine-Chilling and Fearsomeness ‘It: Chapter Two’

By Sofia Nelson and Mia Agee


Stephen King’s horrific tale of Pennywise the dancing clown is brought to the big screen once again. The story follows seven people that refer to themselves as the “Losers Club” as they try to defeat the infamous evil that torments the town of Derry, Maine.

The novel these movies are based off is a whopping 1,138 pages and weighs four pounds. It includes several scenes the movie franchise has left out, and for good reason. King’s original idea for this book was based off a Norweigan folktale called The Three Billy Goats Gruff, an unfortunate tale about three goats and a great ugly troll.

Back in 2017, the It movie included bits of comedy to lighten the whole “murderous clown killing children” situation. It: Chapter Two was no different comedic wise. Characters Eddie and Ritchie did not disappoint the audience with their smart comments back and forth to each other throughout the film.

It: Chapter Two was a nail-biting 2 hours and 49 minutes long most likely due to the countless flashbacks aiding watchers with scenes that were not included in the first movie. Strangely, the sequel movie started off with the brutal murder of a young, gay man who seemed to not fit Pennywise’s age restriction.

Following the murder, Pennywise wrote the words “Come Home” in blood on a bridge in Derry, assumingly meant for the Losers.

Mike Hanlon had the Losers meet back in Derry, Maine for the 27 year reunion with Pennywise through the reinstatement of their blood oath. But, like Mike says periodically throughout the movie, once you leave Derry, many of the memories made there fade fast.

Because of this, most of the group had no recollection the terrors they experienced in the town. The only member of the Losers Club that could actually remember what happened when he was in Derry was Stanley Uris. Because he could still remember the trauma he went through as a kid, it led him to make a horrible, rash decision.

The horror aspect this time was greatly increased in the second film. The gore factor was turned up quite a few notches along with many more jump scares.

Although several things were altered within the sequel, some things stayed the exact same.

For one, there is still a love triangle going on between Beverly, Bill and Ben. The audience gets to see the heartfelt poem that Ben wrote for Bev once again, reading “Your hair is winter fire, January embers, My heart burns there too.” Too. Dang. Cute.

Fear hallucinations from the first film come back to haunt the Losers yet again. Bev drowns in a pool of blood, Eddie gets thrown up on by an infected zombie man, and Ritchie gets attacked by a Paul Bunyan statue. Pennywise wasted no time to torment the group members once they returned back to their hometown.

Of course, the movie had no shortage of comical moments, such as Eddie’s marriage situation. Crazily enough, the squeamish character ended up marrying someone exactly like his hypochondriac mother. The group members still continued to squabble with childish bickering like when they were kids at any given point in the movie.

It is almost as if no time has passed at all once the Losers get back to their hometown of Derry. It fans felt the same way after seeing the horror-filled and frightening sequel. Make sure to go see it so that you can float too.

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