Students Eager to Share Thoughts on 'International Day'

By Halli DaBell


International students all around the United States have been pushing for an International Day, and to be quite honest, it is a splendid idea.

23% of students that attend Mount Juliet High School are not originally from the US. This is a highly impressive amount, consisting of Latinas, Asians, African-Americans, Egyptians and more.

“I think going to a school with an International Day would be so amazing considering I am from Mexico. I would not say that we don't get enough recognition, but I think a day like this would light up the faces of many International students,” said international student, Maria Hernandez.

International Day would be a fun, enlightening experience not only for international students, but for the American students as well. It would allow them to see the different cultures MJHS consists of.

“International Day would be a fantastic idea! Being from Canada, I think it would be fascinating to see and acknowledge who is also from my country,” intrigued foreigner, Jason Tremblay, expressed.

An entire day dedicated to learning more about and celebrating each other's cultures would promote diversity and the school’s various ethnicities.

“I hope International Day will soon come into play one day to celebrate the different cultures that MJHS is made up of. I’m proud to be a part of this student body and represent my country, Spain, in this fine country, America,” student Maria Shavez explained.

The student body is on board with the idea, so now it is the school administration’s time to join. Who would want to turn down such a great opportunity for the students?

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