Harry Styles’ New Single “Lights Up” Gets Very Steamy

By Sophia Nelson


Harry Styles’ genre of music has always been rock-based, as seen through his previous 2017 album, “Sign of the Times.” His new single, “Lights Up,” shares the same theme of women and relationships.

Styles’ song was released on Oct. 11, or National Coming Out Day, a holiday recognized by the U.S. and his home-country, the U.K. To many, this was his “coming out” song, a confession fans from all over have long-awaited.

In Styles’ unreleased track “Medicine,” he sings, “The boys and the girls are in / I mess around with him / And I’m okay with it.” Fans speculate this as a hint towards him being bisexual. Styles has previously denied being bisexual, but has also mentioned that he does not feel the need to label his sexuality.

In the steamy music video, it shows Styles dancing in a crowd with men and women all over him. The former One Direction member really knows how to spice things up.

As people delve into the song’s meaning, they try uncovering what he means when he says, “What do you mean? / I’m sorry by the way / Never coming back down / Can’t you see?” While the wording is unclear and most of it is just theory, fans see this as Styles finally addressing who he is and his sexuality.

Another line says, “All the lights couldn’t put out the dark / Runnin’ through my heart.” Simply put, nothing could stop him from feeling how he feels. Just because some people might not agree with Styles’ feelings does not mean he has to listen to them.

In the chorus, Styles sings, “Lights up and they know who you are / Know who you are / Do you know who you are?” On Oct. 5, after a long hiatus from Twitter, he tweeted the word “Do.” Cliffhanger much?

This obviously sent fans into hysteria, searching high and low for what this one word could mean.

People began to find posters reading “Do you know who you are?” plastered all over countries including America, England, Australia and Japan. They found these signs to trace back to John Lennon whose apparent last words were “Do you know who you are?”

The website Do You Know Who You Are? was launched on Oct. 10, or World Mental Health Day. Upon entering this site, users are asked information about themselves and before receiving an uplifting message pre-typed by Harry Styles. Through his music and self expression, Styles has encouraged people to accept themselves for who they are and not hide away in the shadows.

The singer has a track record of taking things to a higher level and making the listener really think about his lyrics. No wonder people go crazy for him!

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