Teachers Encourage Students to Give Reading a Go

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

By Maiclinn Waller


Most students only read when a book is assigned, but studies have shown that voluntary individual reading can greatly benefit students. These studies show improvement in students’ comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar when they partake in reading in extracurricular ways.

Students who read on their own consistently score better on achievement tests, which carries to all subjects including math and science. Frequent reading also helps students’ communication skills by expanding their vocabulary and understanding. Those who only read when a book is assigned for a class are not able to comprehend their work as well.

Students must be reading a book of their own choice in order to discover the benefits that come from regular reading.

Despite the wonderful benefits that come from books, a great number of students still refuse to read in their free time. Some find reading boring while others say there are things they would rather be doing. Supposedly, by introducing and encouraging children to read from an early age, it is more likely to carry with them as they grow older.

Mount Juliet High School’s head librarian, Mrs. Holloway, encourages students to read not only for academic purposes but for pleasure as well. She claims that reading is “the key to everything” and can help students “ignite their passion and help them find what they want to do [and] help them find ways to make an impact on the world.”

Holloway greatly emphasizes the activity’s academic benefits as well by stating that, “The more you read, the better you can read. The better you can read, the more you will succeed in any field, any job, any test, any anything.”

These benefits do not derive from required reading assigned in class. Instead, they come from picking a book and taking the time away from school and social media to lose yourself in a story. Maybe it is time to stop by the library and give it a go!

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