'Friends' 25th Anniversary Special Was Nothing Spectacular

By Katie Hafner -

Friends had their 25th anniversary special on Sept. 23, 2019. Everyone expected to see bloopers and deleted scenes and potentially a few interviews with the cast today. Instead, it was three episodes of Season 1 and one from Season 2.

Those episodes included “The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate,” “The One With The Blackout,” “The One With The Birth” and “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” This left several fans in the theater extremely disappointed. Why pay money to sit in a cold movie theater when you could just watch these episodes on your couch at home?

The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate (Pilot)

In the very first episode of Friends, fans found a drenched Rachel running into everyone’s favorite coffee shop, Central Perk. After catching cold feet at her wedding, she runs her high school friend, Monica, and meets her new clique of friends: Monica’s older brother, Ross, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler.

Ross faces his divorece to his ex-wife, Carol, who tells him that she is a lesbian. Joey and Chandler help Ross move his new furniture into his apartment and advise him to “get back out there.” Ross redevelops his old feelings for Rachel and finds out that she had known how he felt all along.

Monica goes on a date with “Paul the Wine Guy” only to find out that he lied about himself so that she would sleep with him. After several Spanish soap operas and even more bottles of wine, the six wind up sitting in Monica’s apartment and becoming friends.

The One With The Blackout (Episode 7, Season 1)

A citywide blackout affects the beloved Friends characters in more ways than one. Chandler manages to get locked in an ATM vestibule with Victoria’s Secret model, Jill Goodacre, while the rest of his friend group hangs out at Monica’s apartment.

Jill offers Chandler a piece of gum which he refuses and regrets. In an attempt to blow a bubble with the gum, he finally accepts, only to spit it out. He grabs the gum and then proceeds to choke when he realizes that the gum he is chewing is not his.

Back in Monica’s apartment, the other friends sit and tell stories lit only by a few candles and Joey’s Menorah. Ross realizes that he may have waited too long to express his feelings for Rachel. When he finally decides to confess, he gets attacked by a cat.

Rachel and Phoebe wander around the apartment building to try to find the owner of the cat. They find the owner, who also happens to be an attractive Italian man named Paolo. Rachel brings him back to the apartment, sending Ross further into the friend zone.

The One With The Birth (Episode 23, Season 1)

Carol, Ross’s ex-wife, is rushed to the hospital after going into labor. Ross and all of his friends head to the hospital to help Carol and to be there for Ross, a very soon to be father.

Rachel swoons over the doctor in charge of Carol’s birth, and Monica worries she will never have a child. Chandler tries to comfort Monica by telling her that if they are both single by the time they are 40, the two of them will get married and have a kid together. Monica panics about the thought of being single at 40.

Joey gets into an argument with a pregnant woman only to be forced to help her through her birth. Carol throws out Ross and her girlfriend, Susan, for bickering, so Phoebe tries to get the two of them to get along. Instead, she winds up getting the three of them locked in a janitor’s closet.

After crawling through an air duct when the janitor opens the door to the closet, the three of them run to the delivery room with Carol and the others. Ross, Carol and Susan name their son Ben, and there is a brief peace between them all.

The One Where Ross Finds Out (Episode 7, Season 2)

In this episode of Friends, Chandler is distraught over his sudden weight gain. Monica offers to help him lose the pounds he gained, but she winds up exhausting him instead. This leads Chandler to remind Monica that she has no job, no boyfriend, and no way to break the news to her parents.

Monica sets Rachel up on a date with a guy that she used to work with. Rachel, completely overwhelmed with feelings for Ross, can only manage to talk about him the entire date. She ends up drunk and uses a stranger’s phone to call Ross and confess her feelings.

When Ross arrives back at Monica’s appointment, he asks Rachel if he can use their phone to check his messages. Rachel, panicking, tries to stop him from hearing her drunken message but fails. Ross begins to say something when Julie, his girlfriend, rings the bell calling him to get to the taxi.

Later that evening when Rachel is working, Ross stops by and yells at her for revealing her feelings while he was in a relationship. After they finish their impromptu fight, Rachel locks the door and begins to cry before Ross knocks on the door. The episode ends with Ross and Rachel sharing a kiss, pleasing fans worldwide.

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