Disney: Why All the Remakes?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

By Kyndle Fly


Disney recently announced that they plan to do a live action remake of Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, Snow White and Lilo and Stitch - just to name a few. But the question is … why?

One reason Disney has been mainly focusing on remakes recently is that they are much cheaper for the entertainment company to make. Already owning all of the scripts and rights to the songs helps tremendously with the financial aspects of the project.

Producing remakes rather than completely new content also cuts costs on advertisement. They already know what works and what doesn’t in terms of what content to show and what stations to advertise on, making it a lot less likely that they will lose money on advertising and promoting the film.

Remakes also give Disney a chance to renew intellectual property.

The InStyle article “Why Disney Is Remaking So Many of Its Animated Movies” states, “When a business like Disney has IPs, it means it owns the stories, and can produce (and reproduce) them at its leisure, while others cannot.”

By using what they know, Disney is able to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Another reason for putting effort and resources into remakes rather than new content is nostalgia. Releasing a remake of a classic on its 20th anniversary brings back memories of the original movies and reminds fans of watching the film as a child.

“You can tap into nostalgia without wearing people out the way re-releasing the animated film would,” the InStyle article went on to say.

For some people, the idea of seeing their favorite childhood movie in theaters again is enough to get them to invest time and money into the franchise once more.

Even though remakes seem like a good idea on the business side, releasing so many of them close together could seem redundant. A survey was taken to see how the MJHS student body feels about it.

So, are MJHS students sick of them yet?

Turns out, no. 100 out of the 156 people who responded said that they still like the idea of going to see a new and improved classic, such as The Lion King remake that came out in July. Nostalgia turned out to have a lot to do with it as well, proving that Disney’s reasoning is valid.

“I love Disney, and I love that they are making live action movies because people who have seen the original movies can watch the old films in a new way,” stated one junior student.

Another senior student said classic Disney film remakes are “refreshing” and it “gives [Disney] a chance to expand on the story and the things we all learned as kids; more meaning and better quality is never a bad thing.”

Even now, Disney lovers keep coming back to watch the remake films, whether it is due to nostalgia or a general love of all things Disney. From the looks of it, the beloved company will keep giving the world remakes of the movies they love as long as they agree to keep watching them.

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